Wetchler, J.L.; Nelson, T.S.; McCollum, E.E.; Trepper, T.S.; Lewis, R.A. (1994): Couple-focused therapy for substance-abusing women. In: J.A. Lewis (Hg.) Addictions: Concepts and Strategies for Treatment, Gaithersburg, MD: Aspen Publishers, 253-262

This chapter presents a brief, couple-focused therapy model, Systemic Couples Therapy (SCT), currently being tested in the treatment of substance abusing women. Although couple-based models have had success with male substance abusers, little is known about what works with women, which is the focus of this project. SCT is an integrated model utilizing aspects of structural strategic, and transgenerational family therapies. It is an abstinence-based model designed to be used in conjunction with an individual substance abuse treatment program. Completion of detoxification prior to the start of SCT is recommended. The authors deal with this issue under the following subheadings: (1) Philosophy of the model; (2) Stages of treatment; (3) Stage I - Creating a context for change; (4) Stage II - Challenging behaviors and expanding alternatives; and (5) Stage III - Consolidation of the changes made.