Stein D, Brent DA, Bridge J, Kolko D, Birmaher B, Baugher M.(2001): Predictors of parent-rated credibility in a clinical psychotherapy trial for adolescent depression. J Psychother Pract Res 10(1), 1-7

The authors have reported that adolescents with major depressive disorder had a higher remission rate with cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) than with systemic behavioral family therapy (SBFT) or nondirective supportive therapy (NST). Parent-rated treatment credibility deteriorated from baseline to end of treatment if patients were treated with SBFT or NST, compared with CBT. The present study evaluated the following variables as predictors of change in parent- rated credibility over time across the three treatment cells: severity of child's and parents' depression at baseline; parent-rated family climate at baseline; clinician age, gender, and years of clinical experience; and change in severity of child's depression and in family climate. The greater the baseline depression of children treated with CBT and NST, but not SBFT, the more favorable the change in parent-rated credibility at the end of treatment. Findings suggest that any improvement (for CBT) or a supportive therapeutic contact (for NST) may appeal to parents of severely depressed children.