Robert, M.A.; Bavoux, R. (1997): Approche systemique des situations d'alcoolisation en consultation d'alcoologie (Systemic approach to alcohol abuse situations in the alcohology outpatient department) Alcoologie, 19(2), 117-124

Because of the complexity of the relational context which develops around alcoholic subjects, the concept of an individual who abuses alcohol was replaced with the designation, "Alcohol Abuse Situation," which includes all individuals affected by this problem. To arrive at this designation, systems theory, and cybernetics are used. The various elements of the Alcohol Abuse Situation and the life course of the person designated as being alcoholic in his relational system are then considered. The situation is then evaluated for the purposes of individual, couple and family management based on a demand formulated by a third person to the receptionist and forwarded to a health professional. Based on this communication, the health professional will receive the member or members of the family or couples, and will evaluate the functioning of their culture in their current crisis state in order to help them discover or rediscover their creative possibilities.